End of the year reflections

It is almost the end of the year, time for a balanced look at our actvities with a smile towards our errors and a warm encouragement for the challenges ahead. I am deep in the work for the new volume of THE BADGER, so I see life through those glasses today, it looks pretty good and full of possibilities. Let's renew our energy and look positively to the future, all the negative noises we can choose to leave outside, at least for a few minutes, let's breathe deeply and make silence within, even if only for a few instants. On behalf of THE BADGER I wish you all a wonderful and conscious leap into the future. Badger Medicine Spirit

Happy Winter Time

This time of the year in the western world we exchange wishes for the festive season, sometimes forgetting the yearly passing of seasons. Re - orientering ourselves according to the tunes of each season helps us to be in deep harmony with our lives and the life of the planet, in the north and south hemisphere, east or west, this is a transition time. Either the days are the shortest and they finally start their long climb back towards the light, or the other way around. In both cases, let's celebrate the change, let's share the bounty of our hearts with deep and heartfelt communication. Happy Winter Time Badger Medicine Spirit

A tasty memory

I am very busy completing the next volume of THE BADGER, yet today a series of images brought back the memory of a wonderful day in Japan last summer, topped by delicious food. A Soba, traditional buckwheat noodles in a simple clear soup with fried scampi and vegetables, even in the heat of summer it was amazing. In Italy we are now deep into the festive cooking, yet that simple and nutritious soup has left a lasting memory in my taste buds. Simple can be very good for heart body and mind. Happy Holidays!